We are Jacques St Laurent and Sarah Jarvis. Four years ago, we had the idea to pitch in together to fulfill Jacques’ childhood dream of cycling from his front door, in Guildford England, to India. Through conversation, lively debate, a growing sense of adventure, and (more pragmatically) a move to Victoria BC., this shifted to embarking on a slow trip from our latest front door in beautiful Victoria, Canada, to South America.

From there? Time will tell.

Jacques grew up in southeast England where he developed a love for the outdoors and honeynut cheerios. He studied biology and international development at Exeter University and recently completed a masters in biology, examining the impact of land-use and climate on drinking source water, at the University of Victoria. He loves almost everything, especially yoga, surfing, reading, sitting, old buildings, and ice cream, but fails to appreciate why Harley Davidson motorbikes have to be so loud.

Sarah hails from West Vancouver, Canada, where she spent much time climbing and playing with friends in the woods. She completed a degree in psychology at the University of Victoria during which she researched the effects of mindfulness meditation on mental affect. Following this she worked for a small non-profit in downtown Victoria that provided community for the homeless and recently housed. Her favorite things are waking up on sunny mornings, baking, walking on the beach, old book stores, and creating positive energy.

We have no specific reason for doing this trip, other than to prove that the universe is friendly and that life is more fun when lived from moment to moment with no plan in place.

Ps. Jacques did an interview just before leaving Victoria, where he discussed the path that led him to undertaking the adventure. Thanks to Colleen Clement for inviting me to speak on her show!


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  1. Granny Monica Giles says:

    Hullo! Christopher has helped me get onto you, We are all here, here, having eaten steak and kidney pie, ” all” being Suz and \herb, Cruso and Sue, ad we all send love and good journey wishes. I wiol have another go at this tomorrow wjen there is more light and I cansee better! Muc love, Granny.

  2. Pete says:

    Hello Jacques and Sarah,
    We met a few days ago here in Laguna Beach. You came into Costa Azul Surf Shop and we had a chat. I spoke to you about korduroy.tv, a website that I work for…and how you two fit our ethos. Please contact me as we would like to do a “How to” with you guys.

  3. Simone says:

    I continue to be in awe of this blog! Looks like a fantastic time. I so admire your adventurous spirits, really inspiring! Big hug to you both 🙂

  4. Theresa Tran says:

    Hi Jacques and Sarah! I don’t know if you remember me but Anton and I met you both at the Be. Here. Now retreat. You two are so INSPIRATIONAL and I admire your adventurous spirit. I’ve always intended to travel cross country but have yet to decide the mode of transport. I know a friend who walked but after witnessing you two, I think biking’s a good alternative and am seriously considering it! Anyway, I look forward to reading and living vicariously through your experiences -at least for now 😉 Best wishes and much love to you both! Stay safe and stay free!

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