Thanks for dropping in. We are taking a brake from the road. It took us twelve months to cycle from our home in Victoria, Canada, to central Colombia. It was an incredible year full of wonderful experiences. We have put together a little movie of moments from the trip and a montage of photos taken with some of the friends we made on the way. A heart felt thank-you to everyone we met. We look forward to staying in touch!

We hope you enjoy the visit and would love to hear from you!


Jacques and Sarah

Colette, Jacques' sister, incorporated two photos (Popocatepetl volcano above and Santa Maria Lake below) from our journey into this awesome painting of the Americas.

Colette, Jacques’ sister, incorporated two photos from our journey into this awesome painting. Thanks for contributing in such a creative way Colette!

Here is the Toña beer commercial we randomly modeled for in Granada, Nicaragua.


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  1. Good Luck on your trip! I’m looking forward to reading your entries.

  2. Robert Stone says:

    It was wonderful having you two as guests of Quinault Valley Chapel. Nice jaming with you Jacques. Have a safe and blessed journey, looking forward to following your progress.

  3. David says:

    Go Jaq and Sarah,

    Soon you will have buns of steel !

    Stop stealing food for homeless people !

    You guys are awesome all is well here, Mum is down and is madly cooking huge volumes of food with Mich.

    Keep sending the pictures great to see you guys looking so happy the hills sound savage.

    All the best

    D M and M

    • jay harry says:

      hi sare&jaq just thinking of u both i really glad u two are having a great road trip! peace have a very mary xmas

  4. Granny says:

    Greetings to both of you, please keep safe and have a wonderful adventure. Love you both …..Granny

  5. howardhja says:

    Hey there, Ian from the Mountain Equip Coop in Victoria passed on your blog address. It seems we are chasing you down the coast, although we are taking the inland route through Washington and are in Vic at the moment, so it is unlikely we will bump into each other! Safe cycling, and if it looks like we’re going to cross paths, we are a couple of brits on overloaded bikes, so watch out for us!

  6. Laurie says:

    Hey Guys, sorry we missed you when you dropped by the house in Victoria. I am watching you and feeling your pain. I hope you are getting nice weather now, the Victoria summary has started.

    Be safe
    Laurie, Harry and Brody

  7. Eamonn says:

    Go Sarah! And jacques. You’ve started a very exciting trip – I’m envious. You’ll have quads like Ryder H in no time. Stay well. Eamonn

  8. Jan and John Nybakke says:

    Sarah and Jacques, what a wonderful way to have been diverted from lawn care. After realizing you had cycled up 15th Street in Astoria, I knew we had to offer you a bed, bath, laundry, and attempt to meet any other other needs you might have , to keep you encouraged, on this adventure. We feel blessed, to have had two days with you. Thanks.
    We wish you safe travels. Jan and John

  9. Spencer Snow says:

    Can’t tell you how delightful it was when you knocked on our door in search of a spot to pitch your tent. Our subsequent “misical” with me on some folk songs and Jacques on soft rock and Flamanco, not to mention Sarah’s sweet and pure soprano on “Loch Lomand” was a marvelous way to end the evening. Good luck on oyour rrip, we will be with you in spirit. Spencer Snow

  10. Kerry Rowland says:

    Finally opened my computer, saw your note ! Thank you!You must know we’re all thinking of you here, and praying for your joy and safety! Prayers and blessings! You two are beautiful and amazing!
    God be with you all the way….Well, of course….-Love,Kerry

  11. Kathryn and Rand--Siltcoos Lake Oregon says:

    Warning! letting these young people into your house
    risks thoughtful conversation and a hole in your heart
    when they leave town…

  12. Simone says:

    This is so great!!! So happy to hear you guys are doing well, thanks for the awesome ready! Big hug from Vic land!!!

  13. Catherine says:

    Good for you guys, you are building memories that will last a life time. Do you know about this international organization:
    it links travellers with hosts around the world.
    Bises. Catherine and the Caws’ crew

  14. Little sister Colette says:

    Hello! Hope you’re having a great time and it was really nice to hear from you earlier! Continue having fun! Miss you both and we will keep praying for you on you awsome adventure! Xxxxxx

  15. Lucy green says:

    Hey Jacques & Sarah!

    This is amazing! Totally cool! Where are you planning on going? How long for? 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear your stories – seems like ages since we spoke!

    Take care dude

    From ur smelly sister Lucy 🙂 xx

  16. Cameron says:

    Waheyyy!!!! Cant believe you have started already!!!! Awesome!! Good luck and I hope you get a new experience everyday!

  17. With you all the way in spirit – that’s me and the tribe! I am so proud of you bro…keep your heart open and let us know how you are when you can…

    Overcome your obstacles, surrender to the beautiful moments you will experience, and remember that there are lots of us that love you unconditionally where ever you are.

    Oh…and don’t forget to lube it up baby!!!

  18. Kathryn and Rand--Siltcoos Lake Oregon says:

    J…S: hope you have time to seeeee a bit of what you’re passing thru….
    –12 great cartoons below on science and democracy—and the barriers to responsible, science-based policies.

    rand and Kathryn no need to post…just sending this for your smiles…

  19. Kathryn and Rand--Siltcoos Lake Oregon says:

    and while you’re down there….at a special nexus of forest & politics… ask someone to give you the ‘tour’ re Judi Bari…

    r & K

  20. Eileen Sorrels in Brookings, OR says:

    Sarah and Jacques,

    Cathy in Fort Bragg says she would be happy to host you – just to let you know. Remember to take Hwy 128 (approaching Cloverdale) and not Hwy 1 or Hwy 20.
    It was just lovely meeting both of you – I really enjoyed having you here. Best of
    luck on the rest of your tour.


  21. Steve and Mona McCabe says:

    Sarah and Jacques Your journey has lead you far from Copalis Beach,WA on the 4th of July. We have had great joy in watching your adventure. Looks to me you have been a joy for many who have had the privilege of meeting you both. You enriched our lives. We are cheering you on from Home,WA. Steve, Mona, Petey, Midge and Ruby

  22. Kathy and Michael Norsworthy says:

    As the parentals in Lanzarote, through your blog, we would like to extend an enormous thank-you to all those welcoming, kind-hearted people who are playing such a key part in Jaques and Sarah’s Peacewheel odyssey. It is lovely to meet you through this blog.

    Sarah and Jacques, you are extending all our horizons, as well as your own.
    Vayan con Dios. Kathy and Michael xox

  23. jason skurpski says:

    I feel so blessed to have met the both of you. I look forward to our paths crossing in the future. May God be with you and may your travels be safe.
    Keep in touch

  24. Dennis (David) Hong says:

    Greetings Jacques & Sarah:
    We met @ SF 22nd st Caltrain stn. We had good conversation about ur travels. Will keep n touch via ur blog. Have Great & Safe Travels! Ciao & Aloha n Christ! David

  25. Kash says:

    Loved having you stop by the shop. Glad I could show you that trick to mount Marathon Plus tires and wish I could be touring again. Enjoy this time. It makes memories for the rest of your life.

  26. Granny says:

    Time for a new update please. 🙂

  27. Anita says:

    Hi sara,
    I totally enjoy reading about all the wonderful experiances you two are making. Thanks for sharing them .

    Take care, big hug from Switzerland.


  28. Neal says:

    Hi Sara and Jacques, I’m a close friend of your uncle Billy, and live in Santa Barbara–a great last stop before you head into the insanity of Los Angeles. It would be wonderful to host you: we have a big house with lots of empty bedrooms, as our kids are about to return East for college. Let me know if I can help you in any way:, or text me at 805.570.6749 neal

  29. Sach says:

    Wow guys so proud of you. How ate you feeling?

  30. says:

    friend of BW.
    give us a shout in saint barbara.

  31. Kem Luther says:

    If your camera can’t do the job, you could always draw:

  32. Jo Merth says:

    Sarah and Jacques, what a wonderful thing it was to bump into your blog today! Have been thinking about you both these past few weeks and I’m so happy to hear that you’re pursuing the big plan! Wow, can’t wipe the smile off my face. Good luck my dear friends, will be thinking of you lots. I leave for India October first and will be there for six months. I hope that we can keep in touch throughout our journeys and, of course, if you find yourself peddling through Asia, I will meet the two of you on some remote mountain pass. Much love, Jo

  33. aengusboy1 says:

    Time for a new blog.

  34. Luke Emerson says:

    Have fun in Mex! Hope to hear from you guys again soon. And if your ever in San Diego again, you know who to call.

  35. Jackie and Jono says:

    It was so nice to meet you guys! We hope you have a safe and fun journey through Mexico! Let us know if you have any questions on your way down!

  36. Roberto Cortez says:

    Time to up date your pege and talk abaout you experience in mexico…!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Enjoy your wonderful adventure and be safe!

  38. Kathy and Michael Norsworthy says:

    Hey J+S,

    The line on your map is getting more and more impressive, it is amazing to think that you have peddled home made bicycles the best part of 120 litres all that way. Hope you are both safe and have enjoyed a good breakfast with a new set of friends and have plenty of water. Thinking of you both and proudly tellling anyone that will listen about my brother and the legendary Sarah. Stay safe D xxx

  39. David says:

    Hey J+S,

    Hope you are well and the cargo ship was a safe comfortable crossing.

    Have some stuff Mum has given me to send out to you for christmas any ideas where I could send it to so it gets to you ?


  40. aengusboy1 says:

    Hi Sarah, time for a new entry.

  41. Kathryn and Rand says:

    Great writing…
    …and its going to get easier in the new year….yeah!….

  42. Spencer Snow says:

    Hey you two….. Can’t believe it’s been 6 months since you pitched your tents in our yard on the Oregon coast and we sang a few songs together. Am enjoying your blog… was a bit worried when you hit Mexico, but your amazing personalities carried you through. When I recount your story to friends they are amazed when I tell them you are heading to Argentina! And I believe you’ll make it. God speed…………. Spencer Snow

  43. camerooony says:

    Hey mate,
    Hope your having a ball today, whatever your doing, maybe treat yourself to
    something other than rice! And a bum and quad massage!
    Thinking of you down under. All best, love to Sarah, cam and han

  44. Jean Overton says:

    Am still following your trip, intermittently, after your spending the night with my brother and his wife, Alan and Nancy Lee, at the outset. Wow – it’s quite inspiring! Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers and Buddhists!

  45. Hey dude, sending big love to you both. We are thinking of you.

  46. Greg Cormier says:

    Hola Sarah! Estan en Nicaragua ahora? Un viaje grande y especial!

    I just got a brief update and the link to your blog from your mom. What an exciting adventure you are on. I just read the Guatemala post and it reminded me of my time in Panajachel and Antigua the year before I taught you. Enjoy Nicaragua and I hope you make it to Finca Magdalena. Global Ed 2013 departs March 2 and arrives at Magdalena March 7!

    Buena suerte y feliz viaje!

  47. Britta Jarvis says:

    Dearest Sarah and Jacques,
    Congratulations on your indomitable spirits bolstered by sheer physical capacity.
    We are amazed at your whole endeavour and so is a former colleague of Grampa’s
    who served as ambassador in several countries in the region (you realize you are providing Grampa with boasting privileges).
    Meanwhile our love and best wishes – and good luck!
    Nana and Grampa.

  48. Kerry Rowland says:

    Your journey is beyond words amazing…..Hard to even know how to respond, it’s just so deep and wide and….Prayers, thoughts, blessings on your daily way, and much gratitude to you for the inspiration, the real world/Spirit/ presence/pilgrimage/LIFE!
    Much love to you both-Stay well!-Kerry

  49. yendry vega says:

    Great people keep on going nice to have you two on our little house ,safe trip ,you are very welcome to come anytime you want

  50. Hi guys! Just dropped by as Sarah asked. It was really nice meeting you both today in Panama and having a little chat *-* Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your trip as you have been and get to know as many people and places possibles. Don’t forget to write about me :3 haha

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